Become a donor on current projects among the sojourners on northwest Yunnan mountains:

Project 1:
Sojourners' Development (2 locations)
RMB42,000/year (completed for three years, 2012-2014)
Project 2:
Food Subsidy for Children Sojourners - three-year plan
RMB117,000 (initial year)
Project 3:
Agricultural Improvement - seeds and fertilizers subsidy
RMB45,500 (pilot programme for 50 households)
Project 4:
Water Storage Tanks
RMB5,500/tank (20 completed to date)

Project details:

  • Northwest Yunnan, near the border of China and Myanmar, atop the Gaoligong Mountains connecting to the Nuijiang.
Background of the Sojourners:
  • They belong to the Lisu tribe originated from the Nuijiang Canyon. Around 30 years ago, unfavorable environmental conditions such as barren land and cold mountains have urged them to move here. In some cases, they moved in order to avoid the One-child Policy. The population has grown from 5,000 to over 30,000 now.
  • As the sojourners do not follow the One-child Policy, most households have 4 to 5, even up to as many as 12 , children. After the move, since the parents did not return to their original place of registered residency for the necessary procedures, in addition that children born outside of the Family Planning Policy are not entitled to residency, the sojourners are stripped of identity (residency), basic social welfare such as medical care and education, and land.
  • The sojourners have been dwelling in weather beaten thatch huts for years until 2010-2011, when the construction of asbestos houses for the dozens of households in one of the villages was sponsored.
  • The sojourners work either at odd jobs or as contract corn farmers in the highlands for the locals. In either case, their income is extremely low. Very often, only 3 or 4 people in a household work to support 7, 8 or even a dozen members.
  • The poverty-stricken sojourners seldom consume meat or cooking oil, a daily serving of rice is already considered a luxury. Most children are malnourished and calcium-deficient. In summer, children roam around almost nakedly, and dress in thin ragged clothing in winter.
  • Young sojourners are prohibited from working outside without Resident Identity Cards.
  • The uneducated sojourners know neither Chinese nor simple arithmetics, therefore when dealing with the locals, they are constantly disadvantaged.


Living condition of the Sojourners

Project 1:
  • To sponsor and send two Lisu teachers (for different locations) into the sojourning communities, to teach them basic knowledge in Chinese, arithmetics, general hygiene, agriculture, children education and One-child Policy.
  • The sum total sponsorship is RMB28,200 per teacher per annum (salary, meals, transportation, plus all necessary teaching and relevant materials inclusive). Our local partner would raise RMB7,200 per anuum while Friends of Guangming would raise RMB21,000 per annum. Our total sponsorship for two teachers is RMB42,000 per annum.
  • Friends of Guangming has sponsored the same project in a pioneer location in 2012-2013.
Project 2:
  • To provide nutritious lunches for 100 school students for 10 months in a year (excluding the holiday months of August and February), for a total period of three years.
  • The monthly Food Assistance is RMB100 per student.
  • The annual budget for this project is RMB117,000, inclusive of staff site visits, transportations and free schoolbags for the students.
Project 3:
  • Corn, apart from being the sojourners' staple food, is the only kind of crop that they grow on their rented hilly fields. Despite poor production rate, they could neither change to a different type of seeds nor purchase chemical fertilizers for cost control's sake. Therefore, both the quality and quantity of their corn crops are are at the minimal.
  • This is a pilot programme for 50 households, by lowering their costs through subsidies, as well as teaching them more effective production methods. Sustainable development is established through bringing their natural resources to full use.
  • The sum total sponsorship is RMB45,500 - (1) subsidies for seeds: RMB1,800/ 8KG per household; (2) subsidies for fertilizers: RMB500 per household; (3) freight and miscellaneous cost inclusive. The trial period will run from Qingming to Lixia of the Chinese calendar (April to May of the western calendar).

corn grown by sojourners

comparing to better produce

Project 4:

  • The sojourners had always been carrying water for their consumption from mountain creeks afar, then we would try to channel water to somewhere nearby their village. However, water supply at the sources has lowered in recent years due to droughts. As they do not have water retention facilities, some water had gone to waste, resulting in an imminent water shortage.
  • In 2013, our partner Social Services Committee of Baoshan Christian Council has initially tried building the first water storage tank, and the sojourners were very eager to help in the construction. The tank cost RMB 6,800 and can hold 11 square meter of water, supplying water for the 21 households nearby. Their health and hygiene were greatly improved thereafter.
  • As the sojourners scatter around steep mountainous regions, each tank can only serve a dozen of households. Tanks made of steel plates are cheaper and deemed easier to move, set up and lay out, Friends of Guangming raised funds in 2013-2014 for subsidizing 20 tanks (details in Chinese). Further donations will be used to subsidize more water storage tanks for the sojourners of other villages.

a water tank

a water tank

A water tank in use

Local partner:
  • Social Services Committee of Baoshan Christian Council

Donations are welcome, please click here for details.

For a list of completed projects (available in Chinese), please click here.

For donations for infrastructures or school constructions, please contact our board of directors.


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