Chairman's Report 2013/14
Selma Fong

1. Sponsored Projects

Friends of Guangming has focused our resources among the sojourners on the northwest Yunnan mountains in the past year. We continued our alliance with the Social Services Committee of Baoshan Christian Council (BCCSSC), and launched the following projects:

  • Water storage tanks: we funded 12 water storage tanks located in various villages on the mountains, to ease their water shortage.
  • Hygiene and literacy education (two units): we sponsored and sent
    two Lisu teachers into the sojourning communities, teaching them basic knowledge in Chinese, arithmetics, hygiene, agriculture, child education and birth control and family planning. The two teachers were responsible for different locations.
  • School construction: we funded the construction of a school named Guangming School.
  • SUV: co-operating with our local partner BCCSSC, we funded an SUV for transporting teachers and supplies to and from the mountains.
  • Clothing donations: two lots of clothing donations were arranged and distributed among the sojourners.

2. Site Visit

Our advisers, board of directors and volunteers visited northwest Yunnan on 9-13 November, 2013. The trip enhanced our understanding towards the circumstances and the needs of the sojourners. Moreover, we followed up on our various projects, as well as visited BCCSSC. This allowed us to discuss the prospects and future needs of the sojourning communities.

3. Acknowledgment

Friends of Guangming would like to extend our acknowledgment to our voluntary legal adviser Vincent Chin, and Steve TW Lee & Co Certified Public Accountants. for their assistance, as well as Stanley Ng for free web hosting and website management services from this calendar year onward.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to our former adviser Dr Kim-kwong Chan, former chairman Adelina Wong, and current adviser Eddie Li for their guidance, and to our board of directors for their efforts and cooperation.

Last but not least, our work is futile without the support of our members, donors and volunteers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.